Engineering In Africa & South America
Genesis projects include the following construction design and management:

Peru - 80 MW power plant - under design

Gabon - 28 km, 90 kV/ DC transmission line - under design

Burkina Faso - 54 MW power station (mazut and diesel) - presently under construction

Nigeria – Industrial parks for manufacturing steel profiles, including hot dip galvanizing plant and steel rolling mill plant

Gabon – 90 kV DC transmission line, 4.5 km

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)
132 kV transmission line, double-circuits, 120 km

Nigeria–Shongai 132/33 kV 2 x 6 MVA, substations

Project Planning and Management in Africa

When dealing with engineering projects in Africa, forget what you know about engineering projects in developed countries, and even in developing countries in South America or Eastern Europe.
Engineering projects in Africa are a whole different ball game.
  • Parameters that need to be considered:

    Harsh Weather Conditions – Some African countries have 287 days of rain a year, making construction work challenging. That is why engineering designs must be sophisticated and creative, taking adverse weather conditions into account. Construction work must be able to be carried out continuously throughout the year – regardless of the weather – in order to avoid delays and unscheduled costs.
    Rocky Soil
    – When designing an engineering project in Africa, you must think outside the box – as the topography is often rocky, and concrete is expensive. A creative, thorough engineering solution will ensure the construction of a sturdy, strong and solid foundation and structure – while taking into account the customer's given budget. All designs must also consider the technology and equipment available in Africa. You may, for example, be tempted to design an 18 meter deep foundation – but as there are no drills this long in Africa, such a design will remain on paper.
    Technologies – As construction technologies in Africa are extremely simple, you have to make do with what there is, you need to be highly familiar with the construction companies (and their limitations) in the African market, and you must be quick to recognize when external services should be used.
    – The ports in Africa are underdeveloped, limiting importing to only truly essential equipment.
    African Time – Managing a project without understanding African time is doomed to fail. Africa has its own time scale and its own mentality, and any professional project manager must be highly familiar with this – in order to meet the project schedule.
  • Our Advantages in Developing Countries

    Genesis has successfully designed and managed numerous multidisciplinary engineering projects across Africa and We are spreading our engineering know-how in South America and other new horizons!

    Now days Genesis is designing a complete power plant 80MW in Peru (Near Iqitos, Amazon River).

    Having worked in developing countries and previosly based in  Africa, for a number of years, Genesis teams are highly familiar with the developing countries' markets, mentality, technology and difficulties – and can therefore offer you truly professional and efficient services that save both time and money.