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Designing Industrial Parks and Buildings

Power sector, Petro-Chemical industry, Water industries and Process industry

Genesis specializes in designing process piping for industrial plants. The company has vast experience in designing plants and industrial parks, and provides its customers with comprehensive design and construction services for infrastructure and processes.
  • Industrial Plants and Industrial Parks

    Design of:
    • Manufacturing processes
    • Foundations
    • Steel and concrete constructions 
    • Complementary industrial systems
    • Piping systems (including process engineering)
    • Clean-rooms
    • Access paths and roads
    • Stress analysis of piping systems
    • Dynamic earthquake analysis of constructions
    • Isometrics and 3D model
  • State-of-the-Art Design Methods

    Genesis prepares all designs in 3D using cutting-edge software, and integrates the civil engineering models with the piping models – to present a complete picture of the structure, infrastructure and process. This method ensures a precise model that eliminates unexpected errors and costs incurred due to such mistakes.
  • Our Experience – Heavy Industry, Agro-Industry, and Process Industry

    Industrial Parks
    Nigeria – Genesis has designed 2 industrial parks for the steel industry in Nigeria.

    The first park included the designing of 2 plants:
    1. A huge steel rolling mill plant for manufacturing 6,000 tons of steel profiles a month using the CNC method.
    Total area: 60,000 (m^2)
    Total structure area: 5,000 (m^2).

    2. A hot dip galvanizing plant.
    Total area : 25,000 (m^2)

    The second park included:
    A steel profile production plant which are self-generated by 2MW gas/diesel generators and 70 dunams of roofed sheds.
    Total structure area: 7,000 (m^2)  
    area 32,000 (m^2)

    Both projects included comprehensive designs of all structures and plant processes.

    Cold Rooms

    Calabar, Nigeria – Designing cold rooms and sorting and packing facilities for fruit, vegetable and leaf vegetables
    Ghana – Designing cold rooms for fish