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Energy – Engineering Consulting and Project Design and Management

Genesis has vast experience in all design and management aspects of large-scale energy-related projects. For example, we provide the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) with its engineering consulting services, and have successfully completed and are still involved in a long line of energy related projects in Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Gabon.
The company designs and oversees the setting up of power plants, substations and transmission power lines – which are the main infrastructure for transmitting power from the point of production to the end-consumer.
  • Our Energy-Related Activities

    • Engineering consulting and design of complete power plants, including construction, pumping systems & infrastructure (from 20MW to 350MW)
    • Engineering consulting and design for setting up renewable energy projects
    • Project design and management for building electric substations                         (33kV – 400kV)
    • Project design and supervision for erecting transmission lines 
      (33kV, 132kV, 220kV, 400kV)
  • Our Expertise is your Advantage

    We have the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to ensure your projects are a success. We are highly familiar with the relevant cutting-edge technologies, have an exceptionally professional approach, possess a deep understanding and experience in project design and project management services – especially in developing areas that lack the relevant technologies - and we have a proven ability to carry out complex engineering projects efficiently and reliably.