Genesis - Advanced Engineering Solutions



    Genesis offers engineering
    services for both traditional energy and renewable energy projects.
    Genesis provides design services for all aspects of construction and process piping for industrial parks and plants.
    Genesis delivers design and planning services for condominium complexes and public buildings – including pricing.
    Genesis offers engineering project management services to firms, entrepreneurs & governments around the world.
Genesis - Engineering Consulting and Project Management

I.Y. Genesis Advanced Engineering Ltd. is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting and project management firm that specializes in civil, construction and process engineering services worldwide.

Genesis provides innovative consultancy solutions and services, in planning and design of large-scale international engineering projects, for companies and governments.

We specialize in the engineering design and project management of Energy sector, Petro-Chemical industry, Water industries and Residential structures.

We are happy to share our vast experience with international companies, EPCs NGOs and governments who are seeking to implement large-scale engineering projects in developing countries and markets such as Africa, Eastern Europe and South America.

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